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The Centrifugal Filter System offers number of good features

Technical Service Department of MAN Diesel PrimeServ Holeby.
(Ref: Printed document 3010-0099-00ppr Mar 2010 by MAN Diesel in Denmark)

MTU Engine Review: Oil & filter change intervals can be extended by using high-grade oils, centrifugal oil filters and doing regular oil analysis.

To reduce costs without increasing engine wear, use higher quality Type 2 or Type 3 oil in conjunction with an optional centrifugal oil filter to extend oil change intervals.

Technical Information Release – 3176 from Caterpillar

Review: Relative wear is higher for particles less than 10micron size. Also contaminants in sub-micron range have more wear rate than bigger size particles.

BENEFITS OF Centrifugal Filtration:

  • Cleaner Oil = Lower cost of maintenance.
  • The centrifuge captures engine wear debris & ingressed abrasive contaminants that otherwise lead to progressive wear-out of tight clearance components.

Piston rings, for example, are among the most contaminant sensitive engine components. The centrifugal filter offers a means of carrying out the cleaning action of the full-flow filter to remove the dirt that causes the most ring wear.

Accelerated wear tests of diesel engine rings and bearings show how various contaminant sizes contribute to wear. Centrifugal force provides a dynamic means to capture the smaller sized 1-10 micron contaminants that causes the wear, providing longer life to overhaul.

Rings, cams, & bearings are all protected from the abrasive that gets trapped between dynamic clearances; a longer overhaul interval can result.

  • Ring sealing is enhanced, because soot and debris that would normally be trapped in grooves and between rings is removed by the continuous centrifugal separation.

  • Other tight-clearance oil lubricated parts, such as turbocharger bearings, gear trains & compressors live longer because the oil is cleaner.

  • Because of the ability of the centrifuge to remove these solid contaminants at the very small abrasive wear particles size levels, it complements the filtration performance of the engine’s full- flow oil filter.

  • The Centrifuge has no effect on the additive traits of the oil, in fact, the centrifuge removes some contaminants that would otherwise deplete the oil additive benefits.

Securing the Lubricant Oil Performance in the Long Life:
Adoption of a large centrifugal filter and an automatic backwash filter.
Daihatsu DS Series: To effectively remove foreign substances and foreign particles, a large-capacity centrifugal filter is equipped in the front part of an engine side as standard.

SCANIA Diesel Power

SCANIA Diesel Power has wide Industrial & Marine Diesel range with Scania’s cyclone / centrifugal oil cleaner for unsupressed efficiency & service-friendliness. All Scania Engg have a two stage lube oil cleaning process, comprising a centrifugal cleaner in combination with a cyclone cleaner or a full flow paper filter element.


“Centrifugal filters reduce emissions, extend drain intervals and remove contaminants in the lube oil which wear down valve bridge and fuel injectors, Plug filters, and cause bearing failure and sludge formation. They are especially effective in removing very small particles between 1 & 5 microns. The system provides for a Longer filter life, Cleaner oil and lower engine Wear rates.”

Kirloskar SL Series Diesel
Kirloskar SL Series Diesel is very popular & provides good example of how the process technology of absorption works at KOEL . These includes a centrfiugal lube oil filter                  which doubles the lube oil change period from 250 to 500 hours.

YANMAR Diesel Service News: A case study for Improving Journal Bearing Lifetime of Z 280(L)T 240 Engine.

“We have informed that in some engines equipped on vessels, the wear of journal bearing overlay progresses relatively fast or faster than before. In order to counter such problem we have studied to find an effective-way to extend life of the journal bearing. As a result of our study, we would like to recommend that the Centrifugal bypass filter be installed additionally as follows:”

Performance of Purifiers and centrifugal bypass filters-From the result of various tests on lubricant oil used for engines in general, it is considered as follows:

Solution for Improving Lifetime of Journal Bearing

Considering the above test results, it is recommended To install a centrifugal bypass filter for efficient removal of the contaminants.