Performance of Oilmax Centrifugal Oil Cleaning System on Vessels

"The centrifugal filters supplied to 3 Crown vessels are working good . We are quite happy with the product ."

Rajneesh Saklani-Sr. Technical Superintendent- Fleet Management Ltd.

"We are pleased with the performance of centrifugal cleaner and request you to keep about 29 cleaners ready for 10 more ships."

Sanjeev Samel – VP, Technical, MASTERBULK, Singapore

"Sludge removal from the sump oil is effective. These filters will assist in prolonging the oil running hours."

K. Rajamohan - Sr. Technical Superintendent, Executive Ship Management

"The centrifugal filter installed in all the three DGs on the lube oil line is doing a very good job. Every week we open it to clean the bowl inside and every time we find a coating of more than 17-18 mm of sludge on it's periphery."

Dinesh Sahu – Technical Dept, M PALLONJI SHIPPING, Mumbai.

We have observed good dirt collection in centrifuge rotor bowl. This helps us in keeping engine oil clean with consequent benefits."

Sheel Cabral – DGM, Technical, VARUN Shipping company limited.

"Confirmed that the performance is good. Reference to installation on Genco Auvergne we would further intend to install the centrifugal filter for auxiliary engines, at least we need 15 sets for 5 vessels."

Sheng Fu Li – Superintendent, WALLEM Ship Management, Hongkong.

"A good improvements of generator LO, with impurities. Disposable LO filter Frequency of renewal minimal. Lengthened the service span. Centrifugal filters are very useful."

Dindo Directo -Vessel Manager , Wilhelmsen Ship Management.

"The Standalone Centrifuge has been installed on both auxiliary engines & found working satisfactory."

Capt. Murugan – MV Noble Union, FLEET MANAGEMENT , Hongkong.

"Cleaning result of Centrifugal Filter determined as perfect. Thickness of oil contaminations on centrifugal filter inside wall found 16mm."

Ch.Eng. Mr. Y. Bogatyryov , Vessel MV GENCO BRITTANY, V Ships, UK.

"Since the day Autowin were installed to 3 sets of Auxiliary Engine, it has been working in good condition and observed that whenever Autowin is dismantled for cleaning, it was found to be accumulated with sludge about 5 mm thickness. With this evidence, it means that it removes fine dirt particles in the engine sump tank oil."

C/E Tan- Vessel MV Miletus, THOME Ship Management, Singapore.

"Based on performance, we have installed further 06 sets of standalone centrifuges on vessels under our management owned by Mercator Ltd."

Tarun Kumar- Ship Manager, IND- AUST Maritime, Mumbai.

“Dear Capt. Khan,
Pls fwd the attached to Ch Engr which rcvd from A Ladybug for his information and reference. We had supplied same filters (3) Sets to your vsl on 06/04/2013 at S'pore WOPL.
You are requested to install those filters to all A/Es asap, to avoid the LO cartridge filter choke problem.”

AM Naing- NOS Ship Management , Singapore

"Since SCC 25 Installed on RTG in 2008 are giving good performance, same model centrifugal filters are installed on newly acquired RTG also."

G. Jayashankar – DP World, India.

"Performance of Centrifugal LO cleaner is excellent."

Appaiah. K. U. - Technical Superintendent, GEARBULK Shipping, Singapore

"Centrifugal filter for all A/E’s have been installed Jan~Feb-13 and all found to be functioning satisfactorily."

Capt. Hiran / CE Pagulayan, Vessel M.V. Madinah – SEASPAN Ship Management, Canada.

"Your supplied engine mounted centrifuges working very effectively, Thanks."

Sanjay Kumar – Fleet Superintendent, V SHIPS, UK.

"I would like to order 2 units - together with additional parts for the followings ships: Jasmine C & Johanna C."

Marius Lazar-Technical Manager, Carisbrooke Shipping Ltd.

"We are pleased with your centrifuge . It works well and we are now planning to take another one same model."

Viorel Scarlet – Director General, UNICOM OIL TERMINAL, Romania.